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Miyuki Matsunaga (松永幸) is an actress, award winning performing artist who perform throughout the world based in Los Angeles.

She is also an founder- CEO of of WAVE studio 



Yoga Meditation &Tuning Forks Healing Master. 

She played as

・Mrs. Keo in the Warner Bros. movie 2020 'Harley Quinn - Birds of Prey'

・Seiko in award winning film 'Midori in Hawaii'

Commercial Principal: Toyota / Harley Davidson / HP / Nintendo / IQOS etc.

She had worked with Ewan McGregor, Sylvester Stallone, Russell Crowe and Adam Sandler.

She created 'GETA DANCE ART' performing art and had more than 100 stage performances in the World throughout in the US, Germany, Lithuania and India.

She was born and raised in Fukuoka, Japan to architect Koji Matsunaga and Yasuko, a swimming instructor.  Her sister is a Netherlands-based artist who created Takumi Craft Works.

Though starting at the late age of 19, Miyuki was determined to become a professional dancer. After a lot of hard work and countless hours of practice, she became a primary member of the professional dance team M-Trap’s. Miyuki performed with them throughout Japan for eight years, during which time she further developed her skills and abilities as a dancer and singer. She then partnered with two other singers and created the new group Girls-Trap’s, which performed on television and radio and for festivals and other events.


Miyuki attended Seinan Gakuin University, where she had a very active life on campus. She received her degree in Child Educational Development and Psychology. She also received a degree in Museum Studies. As a student she gained experience working for both a genetics research lab and an archeological research lab. She also participated in several extracurricular activities on campus, including conducting the university’s chapel choir. In addition, Miyuki started her own gospel-singing group, which performed for weddings and other special events. At the same time, she honed her skills as an event hostess and master of ceremonies at numerous functions throughout the city of Fukuoka.


Miyuki came to the United States after winning a scholarship to participate in the Winners USA Dance Program which was organized by Tony Selznick, Russell Clark and Barbara Uemura . Later, after backpacking around the U.S. for three months, she moved to Los Angeles. There she started working as an actress in films, television, and theater. She also established herself as a popular bilingual emcee and singer for banquets, concerts, and other events. She also started directing music videos and theatrical musicals.


In 2005, Miyuki created her signature performance art GETA DANCE ART © – a style that blends elements of traditional Japanese dance, modern dance, and chakra vocals combined with live calligraphy and painting, all performed live with music of Pierre Dubé.


She started WAVE studio in Torrance California for dance, yoga, music, art, fitness, karate and healing in 2017.


Among Miyuki’s other activities:


- She is a certified Reiki Master, Tuning Forks Frequencies Master and obtained an International Yoga Alliance Teacher certificate in Rishikesh, India and teaches Yoga in Los Angeles.Her healing sessions are held with Chakra/Meridian/Solfeggio Music Tuning Forks.


- She teaches classes in Yoga, Tuning Forks Frequencies, Vocal training, Art, Acting, Musicals, Children’s ballet, Jazz and Contemporary dance, audition skills, and dance for special needs children and their families.  Her classes are under the $1 project, in which $1 per student is donated to reputable charity organizations like Humane Society International, Save the Children, and The Hunger Project.


Miyuki enjoys different forms of art. She spends time drawing, painting, and creating ceramics under the name MIYUKIMOON. She also enjoys writing scripts, graphic designing, taking photos, and shooting and editing videos.


Her goal of life is "Happiness for the World." She dedicates her artistry to supporting children, animals, and the natural earth, as well as to promoting world peace.


Born in Fukuoka, Japan

Her sister is an artist and creator of Takui Craft Works.


Fukuoka Futaba High School


Seinan Gakuin University

  • BA Child Education Development

  • Museum Curator certificate



Singer and Conductor of University Chapel Choir

Chorus of  Western classical choral music and gospel

Tour: Oita/ Kagoshima / Nagasaki / Shizuoka


Recorded and published  'Newborn hymn’ as a singer/Conductor


Joined Public Recording for BBC Radio in Cambridge, England


Owned a choir group

Performed for weddings and events in Fukuoka


Worked for Hotel Alpine in Hakuba, Nagano

Skiing everyday


Worked as a skii instructor and travel tour operator in Daisen, Tottori


Started Dance

Studied under Mr. Gen Nakajima and other teachers

Jazz/HipHop/Rosk Dance/ Pop/Funk/Tap/Ballet



Joined professional dance team「M-Trap's」under 'Up-To Management'

Worked for events, media, festivals throughout in  Kyusyu         


Joined a Vocal and Dance Unit 'Nagisa and M' 

(K's Management)

Worked for events, media, festivals throughout in  Kyusyu 


Joined a Vocal and Dance Unit 'Girls Trap's' 

(Up-to Management)

Worked for events, media, festivals throughout in  Kyusyu 


Joined a Vocal and Dance Unit'Vivi and M''

Worked for events, media, festivals throughout in  Kyusyu 


Studied Voice/Announcing/Narration under Master Miwa Tachibana 


Worked as a master of ceremony for weddings and events in Kyusyu


Recording every week as a Radio personality for FM Kurume


Awarded Winners Japan Audition

Received a scholarship and represent Japan 

for USA National Dance Program



Solo backpack traveling all around the US for three months


Moved to Los Angeles under the support of Barbara Uemura


Joined a gospel choir of First AME Church with singer AI


Worked for Japanese American Bilingual News Paper 'Rafu Shimpo'

Wrote a published Japanese article.


Worked for Idea Resource Systems 

as a project manager

as an administrator for Japanese students tour


Studied Acting basic and Scene study at Los Angeles Community Collage


Studied acting at Actors Circle Theatre

  • Stella Adler method

  • Scene Study

  • Improvisation


Organized monthly entertainment event at Second Street Jazz in Down Town LA

Performed monthly as a 

  • dancer

  • singer

  • master of ceremony


Created 'Geta Dance'

2005 ~ present

Performing 'Geta Dance Art'

  • California (Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County)

  • Texas (Houston, El Paso)

  • Europe (Lithuania, Germany)

  • India


2005 -2014  

Instructor at ABE Music and Dance 

  • Yoga

  • Jazz Dance

  • Kids Ballet

  • Original fitness dance GLOBICS'


Studied Voice Training and Singing at UCLA Extension 


Studied Japanese Folk Music under Master Matsutoyo

Performed for the show, event, festivals, in Los Angeles, San Fransisco


Worked as a singer for the opening cerebration parties of

Benihana Restaurant throughout in the US


Studied Komyo Reiki and received the certificate


Studied Mystery School Adept Program and received the initiation


Worked at set as a background

  • Hollywood Movie

  • TV show

  • Commercial


Directed and createdt a music video 'Uewo Muite Arukou' of Nanka Utaro


Instructor for weekly 'Oyako de Dance' class

for Special Needs Kids and their families


Directed a musical 'Miracle Kids'

of Special Needs Kids


Master of Ceremony for

Annual Japan Film Festival in Los Angeles


Working Actor

  • Movie

  • TV show

  • Commercial

  • Theater

2011- present  

Singer with a band 

for annual Nisei Week Opening of Grand Parade

( One of the Largest Japanese American festival in US)

2011- Present  

Master of Ceremony hosting and announcing

for annual Nisei Week Grand Parade


Instructor at Sakura studio

  • Yoga

  • Kids Ballet

  • Musical /Voice Trainin


Supported writing and constructing

for published book  'Yasoji no Hitori goto'

by Seigyoku Kihara



Supported writing and constructing

for published book ' Torawarenai Ikikata ga Kantan ni dekiru Houhou'

by Kaz Fujita  


Working on Inner works and healing


Took a course of Disney Animation Voice Intension


Studied Frequencies with Tuning Forks and Kinesiology

under master Linda Penny



Studied Yoga / Meditation / Reiki for 40 days in Reshikesh India

Certified International Yoga Alliance Therapist

Certified Reiki Master

Meditated at ashrams, caves, temples meditation center, River Ganga in Rishikesh


shot 'Midori in Hawaii'' in Hawaii island as a lead actor

Awarded at Film festivals

​DVD / Amazon streaming

Solo Harley Davidson motorcycle trip through Hawaii island


Geta Dance Art Performance at Vilnius Lithuania

Solo trip in Lithuania, Poland, Czech, Germany and The Netherlands


Written a published article in English

on Rafu Shimpo news paper



Finish an improvisation course

at Second City Hollywood


Finish a commercial acting course

at Killian's Workshop



Geta Dance Art Performance in Berlin Germany

Solo trip in Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium

Worked as a translator for Mono Japan in the Netherlands


Geta Dance art Performance for

Annual Houston Japan Festival

2016- Present

Selling original art at California, Texas abd  Germany

  • Kotoba art 

  • Sumie dragon art

  • Animal ceramics

  • Geta Dance T-shirts


Instructor for art class with Himapan California


Opened WAVE studio in Torrance




  • Owner  

  • Yoga teacher

  • Voice and Vocal Training Teacher

  • Jazz/ Contemporary Dance teacher

  • Ballet teacher


Dance recital at El Camino Campus Theatre



Geta Dance Art Performance at El Paso zoo in Texas


Frequency and yoga Workshops in Japan


  • Tokyo

  • Fukuoka

  • Kyoto


Announcer and master of ceremony for Microsoft in Las Vegas

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  • Facebook Miyuki M
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Miyuki's WAVE studio

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