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松永 幸

Miyuki Matsunaga Jury2022
Miyuki Matsunaga 2022
Miyuki M 幸Cats Musical
Miyuki Matsunaga Red Carpet AWFF 2022
Miyuki Matsunaga AWFF  11.10.2022
幸 Miyuki Singing - 1 (2)
Miyuki Headstand
Miyuki M Harley Davidson 3
Miyuki Matsunaga GETA DANCE ART 松永 幸Japanese actor
Voice Over Miyuki Matsunaga 松永幸
Miyuki Matsunaga Japanese Actress AWFF 2022 3
Miyuki Voice&Vocal Training Online
Miyuki Matsunaga Actress Asian World Film Festival Red Carpet
Miyuki Matsunaga Geta Dance Art Show 2019
Miyuki Geta Dance Art Lithuania TV
Miyuki Matsunaga Recording
Miyuki Matsunaga Red Carpet Japanese Actor Premier
Miyuki 幸 M 4
Miyuki  波動ヨガ 音叉 周波数 ワークショップ
Miyuki Loop 4.jpg
Miyuki GetaDance Live Art
Miyuki WAVE STUDIO Recital 2020 512


Award-winning  Japanese actress, voice actor, and performing artist from Fukuoka Japan, currently based in Los Angeles.

Miyuki worked on several movies, TV shows, musicals, music videos, event stages, and workshops.

In the Netflix movie "Day Shift" in which she stars as  "Momoko"  recently hit the world top of the streaming charts. She enjoyed improv acting with Jamie Foxx and Snoop Dogg.

Miyuki has also appeared in the Warner Brothers movie "Harley Quinn - Bird of Prey".

She played the lead role in  "Midori in Hawaii" on Amazon prime and "Tales of the Valley of the Wind", "100 Ways to Die"​


A major credit card company commercial that she played the barista, "Miyuki" is now on air in the world.


Her voice has been used for several commercials and dubbed for movies and video games.

She is known for  "GETA DANCE ART" performing art and had stage performances throughout the World.

Acting Coach

Yoga Meditation Master

Tuning Forks Healing Specialist

Reiki Master,

Spiritual Coach


Artist. Live Art Japanese Calligraphy performance worldwide.  Her artworks on the event booth at Japanese festivals in California, Texas, and Europe had been always selling out. 

Had some art and craft summer camp for children, taught lotus leaf canvas art for the community.

Founder- CEO /Director of Non Profit Organization WAVE STUDIO 501(c)(3)
performing art school / healing studio in Torrance California for Japanese community throughout the world.

Miyuki teaches Acting, Singing, Voice and vocal training, Yoga, Kids Yoga, Meditation, Tuning Forks Healing and reading, Reiki, Breathing technique, Dance, Kids Ballet, Dance Audition Skills and Art.


Becoming an icon of local Japanese-American festivals and events as a Japanese-English bilingual Emcee and singer.

Miyuki was a professional dancer and emcee in Japan and won a scholarship to the US national dance program and moved from Japan after.


  • Miyuki won a scholarship to the US national dance program and moved from Japan after

  • Had Solo backpacking travels around the United States from the west coast to the east coast through the Southern States and east to west through the Northern States.

  • Had Solo travels to several countries in Europe and India.



Special Skills:

Acting / Voice Acting / Musical / Dance / Singing / Yoga / Motorcycle Riding / Horseback Riding / Swimming / Diving / Aerial Silk / Sword Fighting / Karate Fighting / Skiing / Rock climbing/ Japanese writing / Graphic Design / Video Editing



Miyuki was born and raised in Fukuoka in 1972.

She became a primary member of the professional dance team M-Trap’s in Japan 1993. Miyuki performed with them throughout Japan for eight years, during which time she further developed her skills and abilities as a dancer and singer. She then partnered with two other singers and created the new group Girls-Trap’s, which performed on television and radio and for festivals and other events.


Miyuki obtained BA at Seinan Gakuin University majoring in Child Educational Development. She also received a degree in Museum Curator Studies. She studied genetics DNA at research lab of professor David A Johnson, and practiced at an archeological research lab.

She also participated in several extracurricular activities on campus, including conducting the university’s chapel choir. In addition, Miyuki started her own gospel-singing group, which performed for weddings and other special events. At the same time, she honed her skills as an event hostess and master of ceremonies at numerous functions throughout the city of Fukuoka.


in 1997, Miyuki was invited to the United States by winning a scholarship to participate in the Winners USA National Dance Program which was organized by Tony Selznick, Russell Clark and Barbara Uemura .


Later, she solo-backpacking traveled around the U.S. for three months.

Miyuki moved to Los Angeles 1999, There she started working as an actress in films, television, and theater. She also established herself as a world popular performing artist for her original 'GETA DANCE ART' and singer and  bilingual emcee for banquets, concerts, and other events.

She also had an experience as a director for music videos and theatrical musicals.


Her signature performance art GETA DANCE ART ©  was created in 2005 – a style that blends elements of traditional Japanese dance, modern dance, and chakra vocals combined with live calligraphy and painting, and performed throughout the world. Music director Pierre Dube provided the music mainly. 



In 2017, She started a Non-Profit organization, WAVE STUDIO in Torrance California for dance, ballet, yoga, music, acting, art, fitness, martial arts and healing for Japanese community in local Torrance, and it eventually expanded for the students all over the world including Japan.


Among Miyuki’s other activities:


- She is a Tuning Forks Frequencies Master and Reiki Master. She obtained an International Yoga Alliance Teacher certificate in Rishikesh, India and teaches Yoga and Tuning Forks healing and reading. 


- She teaches classes in Yoga, Tuning Forks Frequencies, Vocal training, Art, Acting, Musicals, Children’s ballet, Jazz and Contemporary dance, audition skills, and dance for special needs children and their families.  


Miyuki enjoys different forms of art. She spends time drawing, painting, and creating ceramics under the name MIYUKIMOON. She also enjoys writing scripts, graphic designing, taking photos, and shooting and editing videos.


Her goal of life is "Happiness for the World." She dedicates her artistry to supporting children, animals, and the natural earth, as well as to promoting world peace.

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