2013 Summer Dance Wrokshop

Last years my workshop was for kids from 4years old to 9years old. ABE music and Dance and I decided to have another workshop this year for teens. We are going to have a show and fun pot-luck party on the last day!





(Breathing technique, Stretch, Core /Balance /Muscle training, Concentration)



(Movement of a single body part, Brain-nerves training)


♪Ballet Basic/ Barr Lesson

(Dance basic, Fingers and Toes concentration)




♪Construction and Release

(How to use joints, Toes and fingers)


♪Turn, Pirouette



(Proper walking position, Jazz & Hip Hop, Vegas-Style, Model Runway)


♪Across the Floor

(Jazz square, Kick ball change, Step touch, Pivot turn, Layout, Catch step, Jump include the calypso and the double tuck and Leap…etc.




(Choreographed dance with formations)



♪GLOBICS =International dances

(Maddona, Michael Jackson, Shakira, Hawaiian, Tahitian, Indian, African, Japanes, Belly, Salsa, Samba, Tae-bo, Movie theme …etc.)



2012 Kid's Dance Workshop Video