Aerial Silk 

Miyuki started Aerial Silk in 2015. She had a very first silk performance at Art Flying Aerial in June 2015 after ten classes.

The performance was done with MOMO along with live singing of 528 Hz DNA healing song ' Sen no Hana' by SENKA at Art Aerial Studio in Los Angeles.

Original International Cardio Dance Exercise
Stretch, Zumba,Tae-bo,  Aerobics, HipHop, Salsa, Brazilian, Sanba, Jazz, Modern, Ballet, Hawaiian, Tahitian, Belly, Indian, African, Ki Kong, Tai Chi, Meditaion

Michael Jackson, Maddona, Shakira, Soran bushi, Gangnam style



Effect :  

Detox, Body Fit, Circulation, Clear Skin, Focus, Immune System, Disease prevention, Injury Prevention, Body Adjustment, Spine&Pelvis, Musical Rhythm, Posture, Stiff Neck, Headache, Depression Recovery


Contemporary & Jazz

Dance Performance

with Band

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