GETA DANCE ART© is a new style of Japanese-inspired contemporary performance art created by MIYUKI MATSUNAGA which is performed worldwide.  It blends elements of traditional Japanese dance, modern dance, and vocals with live calligraphy painting and acting to produce an intense, expressive, show-stopping stage experience.  Miyuki wear Japanese GETA sandals with a Kimono and use various traditional Japanese items such as SENSU (fan), KASA (umbrella) and KATANA (sword), which visually enhance the performances.


Each GETA DANCE piece has its own unique story which is beautifully portrayed through MIYUKI's delicately choreographed dances and chakra vocals. Her calligraphy paintings during performances consist of Japanese Kanji based on the four elements: 地水風火Earth, Water, Wind, and Fire or 花鳥風月Flower, Bird, Wind and Moon.


GETA DANCE is performed to the sounds of Japanese TAIKO (drums), MINYO (Japanese folk music), SHAKUHACHI (bamboo flute), and SHAMISEN (Japanese banjo). The music is composed by Cirque Du Soleil artist Pierre Dubé, composer of Mystere.

MIYUKI GETA DANCE has been performed around the world at a variety of events, including in


Vilunius, Lithuania (Bonsai Festival Stage and TV show)

Berlin, Germany (Berlin Japanese Festival)

Rishikesh, India (World Peace School ceremony)



Houston, Texas (Japan Festival Houston)

El Paso, Texas (El Paso Zoo Fundraiser)

San Francisco, California (San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival)

Encinitas, California (Japan Day)

San Diego, California (Ramen Festival, Beer and Sake Festival)

Japanese American Theater, Los Angeles, California (Nikkei Parents Day etc.)

James Armstrong Theatre in Torrance, California (Matsutoyo kai etc.)

Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center, California (AI Concert)

Japanese American National Museum, Los Angeles, California (Nisei week, Tanabata Festival, Tomoneko)

Huntington Beach, California (Orange County Cherry Blossom Festivals)

Los Angeles City Hall, California (So Cal Cherry Blossom Festivals Fundraiser)



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