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Currently only accept the offer for GETA DANCE ART performance with slow movement elegant version without wearing geta sandals

Japanese Live Calligraphy performance is available

GETA DANCE ART© is a new style of Japanese-inspired contemporary performance art created by MIYUKI MATSUNAGA which is performed worldwide.  It blends elements of traditional Japanese dance, modern dance, and vocals with live calligraphy painting and acting to produce an intense, expressive, show-stopping stage experience.  Miyuki wear Japanese GETA sandals with a Kimono and use various traditional Japanese items such as SENSU (fan), KASA (umbrella) and KATANA (sword), which visually enhance the performances.


Each GETA DANCE piece has its own unique story which is beautifully portrayed through MIYUKI's delicately choreographed dances and chakra vocals. Her calligraphy paintings during performances consist of Japanese Kanji based on the four elements: 地水風火Earth, Water, Wind, and Fire or 花鳥風月Flower, Bird, Wind and Moon.


GETA DANCE is performed to the sounds of Japanese TAIKO (drums), MINYO (Japanese folk music), SHAKUHACHI (bamboo flute), and SHAMISEN (Japanese banjo). The music is composed by Cirque Du Soleil artist Pierre Dubé, composer of Mystere.

MIYUKI GETA DANCE has been performed around the world at a variety of events, including in

  • Berlin     GERMANY Japan Festival/ TV commercial

  • Vilnius   LITHUANIA Bonsai Fest/ TV show / Japanese embassy

  • Rishikesh INDIA  World Peace Yoga School ceremony

  • Houston  Texas Japanese Festival (annually)

  • El Paso     Texas El Paso Zoo Fund raiser

  • Paris Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada Nichiryoen Festival, 

  • Grand Rapid,  Michigan Asian Festival

  • Austin,  Texas Private Event


      ⇩ California ⇩

Japanese American National Museum, Los Angeles   

  • Nisei Week (performing annually)

  • Tanabata Festival (performing annually)

  • Tomoneko

  • Cherry Blossom Festival (performing annually)

San Francisco 

  • Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival

Japanese American Cultural & Community Center, Los Angeles

  • Ninja-Con

  • Cherry Blossom Festival

  • ELA International Art Festival

  • JACC Food Festival

Japan American Theater, Los Angeles 

  • Harumatsuri

  • Nikei Parents Day

Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego

  • Huntington Beach Cherry Blossom Festival

  •  OC Fest

  • Aquarium of the Pacific Long Beach  Autumn Fair

  • Encinitas Library San Diego Japan Festival 

  • San Diego Port Pavilion on Broadway Pier Ramen Festival

  • New Gardena Hotel Los Angeles, CA Japan Film Festival

  • Ingram Plaza San Diego Japan Fair

  • San Diego Beer and Sake Festival

  • Santa Anita Park, Tokyo City Cup

  • Los Angeles City Hall, Cherry Blossom Fest Fundraiser

  • Pasadena Theological Seminary, Japan Fundraiser

  • Navy Base, San Diego Japan Day

  • Little Tokyo Down Town LA, California Konnichiwa LT

  • Miyako Hotel Down Town LA, Tomo Neko Cafe

  • O Pasadena Salsa Night Unite,

  • Los Angeles Down Town Charity in Little Tokyo

  • Costa Mesa, Orange County Street Fair

  • Little Tokyo Tower New Year’s Little Tokyo

  • Kyoto Grand Hotel Japanese Business Association

  • Hollywood & Highland Japan Film Festival, County Fairgrounds

  • Grand Annex Minyo Station Concert

  • South Coast Plaza Hotel Naturefoods Westin

  • Redondo Beach Performing Art Center AI concert 

  • Gonpachi Restaurant 1st Anniversary Party, Beverly Hills

  • Awakening Cafe Los Angeles Dance of Sou

  • County Fair Complex, Pomona Sysco Food Show, Los Angeles

  • Pacific Grille, Los Angeles, California 100th Birthday Bash

  • Los Angeles County Fair Complex, Pomona Asian Expo

  • Pacific Palms Resort, Los Angeles Chinese New Years Party

  • Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles Golden Era Productions

  • Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles Japan Expo

  • Hilton Hotel Lions Club

  • Mariot Hotel Seijin-siki

  • Little Tokyo Plaza Oshogatsu in LittleTokyo (annually) 

  • Little Tokyo Plaza Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami fundraise

  • Little Tokyo Plaza Theology Collage Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami fundraise 

  • Bardugo Park, Los Angeles Glendale Unity Fest

  • James Armstrong Theatre Torrance Japanese Folk Music Association, 

  • Buena Park, Los Angeles Wakayama Kenjin Kai

  • Souzenji Temple , Summer Festival

  • Weller Court, Los Angeles Oshogatsu in Little Tokyo

  • Live house, Los AngelesMonster Panic,C.I.A. , California

  • Gardena Senior Center

  • Little Tokyo Business Associate

  • Zenshuji New Year’s Party

  • Yoba Linda Ippei Suzuki Home concert

  • Weller Court Down Town LA  Oshogatsu in LittleTokyo (annually)

  • 2nd Street Jazz Los AngelesAsian Night x3show

  • 2nd Street Jazz Los Angeles Judo Chop

  • 2nd Street Jazz Los Angeles Message for Matsumoto

  • Nishihonganji Temple Summer Festival

  • Nishihonganji Temple Kohaku (annually)


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